What is sustainable agriculture ?

Sustainable agriculture encourages sensitivity to the local environment so that healthy natural areas can thrive along with the ranching, orchard and vineyard industries.

Agricultural land has an important role to play in maintaining local biodiversity.

Recommended Practices

  • Choose previously developed agricultural land for orchards and vineyards rather than converting natural habitat.
  • Protect and restore native plants in gullies, around property margins, and areas unsuitable for cultivation.
  • Protect creeks and wetlands by following Riparian Area Regulations.
  • Prevent nutrient and pesticide runoff from seeping into waterways and use vegetated buffers to protect creeks from runoff.
  • Native wildlife may pass through or use your property. Design fencing so that wildlife travel corridors are not blocked.
  • Use deer fencing and electric bear fencing to effectively discourage problem wildlife .
  • Regularly check netting used for starling control to prevent native birds from getting trapped.
  • Work with your neighbours to protect natural habitats and control invasive weeds.