The Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC was incorporated in 2000 and became a registered charity in 2001. Two major goals are: To establish and maintain stewardship programs for the conservation and enhancement of burrowing owl populations and their habitats in BC To raise funds to support program activities, including the work of breeding facilities, field monitoring and conservation studies for the burrowing owl program in BC. The Society also operates one facility for captive raised Burrowing Owls in BC. The San Rafael Aviary is located in Langley, BC, producing owls for release to locations in southern BC.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Saw this owl on Jan 30 ,2023
    kept it a secret till now now all of the bird photographers are harassing it and what would you do or what could you do to to help this little bird safe! This bird is not banded, but we think there might be two. You can contact me Joanne at 250-889-1463. We were very excited to see it. I contacted some friends of mine who were bird people and we were able to, and they confirmed that it was a burrowing owl.


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