The Alternate Approval Process to establish the environmental conservation bylaw completed last Monday at 4:30 pm with less than .1% of eligible electors in opposition. 

“I am very happy to announce the public approval of the bylaw that will create a Conservation Fund in the South Okanagan,” said Bryn White, SOSCP Program Manager.

“Thank you to the South Okanagan local/regional government elected Directors, Mayors, Councillors and staff for their vision and to our partners, funders and friends for your support of the proposal. This is an amazing new era for conservation in the South Okanagan. SOSCP will continue to work with our local government partners to make this the best, most effective fund that secures the sustainable future of our communities.”

The fund has the potential to raise up to $450,000 every year for environmental conservation in the South Okanagan. There are 50 government and non-government organizations working together since the year 2000 on biodiversity conservation in this region under the SOSCP coordinating umbrella.