Environment Canada’s mandate is to conserve and enhance the quality of the natural environment, including water, air and soil quality; to conserve Canada’s renewable resources including migratory birds and other non-domestic flora and fauna; to conserve and protect Canada’s water resources; to enforce the rules made by the Canada-U.S. International Joint Commission related to boundary waters; and to coordinate environmental policies and programs for the federal government. The Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS), a part of Environment Canada, is responsible for the conservation of migratory birds, species at risk and biodiversity. The Canadian Wildlife Service, Pacific and Yukon Region is one of the key partners in the SOSCP and has contributed to the development of the program, its planning and coordination, and to its science base and in providing scientific expertise on projects. In addition, the Government of Canada has contributed substantial funding to all SOSCP Teams for Stewardship efforts related to the conservation and protection of species at risk under the Habitat Stewardship Program – a component of the Federal Governments strategy on species at risk.

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  1. Kelly Whitbread says:

    Good morning
    I observed a group of young people Harassing a bunch of geese in the Walter Murray practice field in Saskatoon. I asked them to please stop harassing them and that they were a wild species and it was against the law what they were doing. They proceeded to tell me to mind my own business and making threatening gestures toward me.
    I the began to video tape their actions and also witnessed one person throwing sticks at them.
    The a bit later another group came out and one of them had made a lasso and tried to catch one of the geese. As I was video taping them as well You can clearly see him lasso one of them causing it a lot of grief. Is there somewhere I can send the videos to and see if these people should be charged for their actions?

  2. Judy Grogan. says:

    I live in a flood plain zone.
    The property next to me was bush with a few very large trees that are 100 or so yrs old and lots of birds and wildlife. Also is a creek that runs to the Ottawa River.
    This floodplain property is now 80% cleared. All done I 48 hrs. Ground all torn up with 75ft trees with root systems all damaged. I have no say. Cops won’t stop them.


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