The South Okanagan Rehabilitation Centre for Owls is a non-profit society dedicated to treating injured and orphaned birds of prey with the purpose of releasing them back into the wild when ever possible. SORCO is not a zoo but a clinic and treatment center; therefore at this time no public viewing of the birds is allowed. SORCO treats all birds of prey from all over the province. We act on Conservation through Rehabilitation.

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  1. Bruce Brown says:

    I am wondering if Barn Owls are in the area where I live. We have a burgeoning rat population that is becoming quite a nuisance. Someone suggested building a nesting box from plans on the internet and then placing it on a fairly high pole. My home is located in the north end of Kelowna B.C not far from Knox Mountain. If you want to google my address to see how close I am to where owls might exist it is 1296 Pheasant Street Kelowna B.C V1Y3R5 . Obviously there is no sense building a box if there are no barn owls in this area,
    If there are no owls near where i live is there another bird of prey in this area that I could build a box for.
    Any information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
    Bruce R. Brown


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