Come join three South Okanagan experts and learn how waterfront property owners can use landscaping to protect their shorelines and help improve local water quality and habitats. Before Europeans settled in the Okanagan and built cities on the landscape, there were ponderosa pine forests, native sage-dotted grasslands, wetlands and riparian areas. The valley bottom was undisturbed, capturing runoff so that wetlands and river oxbows could act as filters in rain events and during snow melt before this water entered our lakes and streams. Shoreline protection and an understanding of how it affects waterways is critical. A healthy, well vegetated shoreline helps protect water quality, important habitat for wildlife species such as spawning fish, aquatic insects, turtles and nesting water birds.

Don Gayton will talk about riparian function and healthy ecosystems, Alison Peatt will illuminate and engage us in the topic of riparian regulations and their importance and Eva Antonijevic will illustrate which hardy plants are suitable for our shoreline areas.
When: Sunday April 17 1:30pm – 3pm
Where: Summerland Waterfront properties
Who: Free event. Everyone is invited!

For more information or to register contact: Eva at

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